Book our party room for your special event! The party room can accommodate up to 20 participants total (adults and kids) and you can book it for 2 hours. 

The price is 200$ + HST; $ 50 deposit is required upon reservation. If you wish to stay longer or would like to book a private event, please contact our staff for details. Deposit is not refundable if party is canceled in less than 24 hours. We can reschedule – please call us to discuss.

We will provide plates, cutlery, napkins, cups, balloons and 1 free admission coupon for birthday boy/girl.

We want to make you party safe and fun. If you want a theme party or you have special food requirements – talk to us and we will provide it for the extra payment. Talk to our administrator for more details.

Note: We welcome you to bring your own food and drink but ensure the food is allergy free.

Absolutely no nuts and shell fish- please check the rules tab for the list of restrictions.

Pay deposit – plug in pay online.



Schools / Daycares / Camps / Moms’ Groups / Company / Team - Active Party
We welcome schools, daycares, or camps to have active outings at Open DoorZ Club
(Mon-Fri 11am-4:00pm) – maximum participants 40 in total ( kids and adults)
Every participant should have the waiver signed and dated.
Spaces filled quickly, so please call ahead to inquire about the date and time availability

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