• Open Doorz Club is a holistic indoor play and wellness facility welcoming children, youth and adults at all levels of cognitive abilities, and especially those with sensory processing needs. 
  • We feature two unique interactive areas under one roof - Gross Motor Development Area and Calming Sensory Room.
  • Our space contains a variety of technologies, *sensory equipment, visual aids and objects to engage and stimulate the senses and facilitate relaxation, development, learning and health. Distinct from more typical playground equipment, * sensory equipment and support products are specifically designed to effectively stimulate all the senses and to aid in the development of key life skills - physical, mental and emotional, including gross and fine motor, vestibular and proprioception abilities, cognition, communication, socialization, self-confidence, self-esteem and independence.
  • ***Please note our location doesn't have a wheelchair access.

  • *** We have limited entrance space. Please leave your strollers in the car

  • Come & explore a unique and one of its kind Open Doorz Club! Click here for our admissions rates.
  • At Open Doorz Club there is something to do for every age. You can jump on a Trampoline, dive into a giant Ball Pit, enjoy a variety of our Therapeutic Swings, climb and slide on a Steam Roller Slide, relax in our Calming Sensory room or have fun learning colors with our Musical Squares!
  • To help prepare your loved ones for their next visit at Open Doorz Club, download our equipment list and make a social story. Scroll down and click on Equipment List icon for full list of equipment with short description of use and benefits.
  • Our place was created with safety for our guests and their parents/legal guardians in mind.We have surveillance cameras, alarm system and child-safety door handles on the exit doors.
  • There are PECs and visuals throughout the facility for our visual thinkers.
  • We have a snack area with microwave and fridge for you to use at any time.
  • For your convenience, there is a Free Wi-Fi access.
  • And the best of all – we do not limit in time, so you can stay as much as you want!
  • To learn more, click here

  • Looking for a unique place to celebrate a birthday of your loved ones? Open Doorz Club is the place to be!
  • We will close the entire space just for you and your guests; no interruptions or sharing you party with other visitors.
    • We offer :
    • Yoga parties (led by a certified Yoga instructor)
    • Dance parties (in partnership with Dance Ability)
    • *Book your party during the weekdays and receive 15% discount!

          • Open Doorz Club is a great place for individuals of different ages to come and have fun in sensory friendly environment.
          • Open Doorz Club welcomes all types of groups:
          • Schools, daycares, camps , community houses, adult programs , mom’s groups, parent’s support group and more!
          • We will close the entire place just for your group to relax and enjoy.
          • To learn more, click here

            • Rent our space for a play or therapy purposes with your clients. Open Doorz Club has a great variety of therapeutic equipment which will benefit many individuals, especially those with sensory needs. You can book our place for private use any time except general admissions hours and we will close the place just for you.
            • To learn more, click here

              • We offer Yoga classes for individuals with different abilities and ages. Our Yoga classes are led by a certified Yoga instructor – Jyoti Bajaj
              • To learn more, click here

              • Schedule time with our respite worker to look after your loved one at  Open Doorz Club .
              • Our Respite workers are professional Educational Assistants with First Aid/CPR training.
              • 1:1 Respite is available during weekends for up to 3 hours.






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